Pink Accidentally at Aerosmith

Pink – it’s my new obsession
Pink – it’s not even a question,
Pink – on the lips of your lover
Oh, ‘cause Pink is the love you discover

I accidentally got to the Aerosmith concert. Went to salute my friend for her birthday and ended up having 2 hours of rock ballads. Couldn’t help it. Despite all worries and instant agora phobia at ZA, we found a pretty decent place to stay, far enough from the ignorants, too much close to the hyperactive ones.
Ehhh well, some foreigners succeeded to spill my drink, close to a blow up with these rude fellas. After using all threatens and deceives in the arsenal the rebels quitted and got me another. Never mind. The band got on the stage amazingly on Bob Dylan`s song “Everybody Must Get Stoned”.


Love In An Elevator
Back In The Saddle
Fallin’ In Love
Eat The Rich
Living On The Edge
What It Takes
Can’t Stop Messin’ Around (Fleetwood Mac cover)
I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
Sweet Emotion
Baby Please Don’t Go (Big Joe Williams cover)
Draw The Line
Dream On
Walk This Way
Toys In The Attic

Occasionally impressing inside the Zone Arena, big part of the fun was outside: happy people sat on their cars and motorcycles trying to get something of all this.

What puzzles me every single time is the fact that Romanian audience doesn’t sing, these guys don’t know lyrics of the rock ballads of the 90`s. Come on, this was non stop music on the radio and MTV back then. Waving hands most of the time won’t do people.

These men in their 60`s looked very good on stage, very warm and energic. Call me a romantic but it was funny hearing old pap Tyler shouting: BUCURESHHHHH!!!

I really like one Aerosmith song- not on concert. Janie’s got a gun

Crazy was cool, us girls recalling how we used to have shiny, careless fun, even cooler to sing it out loud with a friend.

The concert ended up with one Dylan`s precious song: All along the watchtower.


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