Sunday scratchy mood

Most people I know get depressed on Sundays. A practical reason could be the actual feeling that you have to start over some unfinished stuff, regardless of whether it’s a professional thing or not. For me, is like the lack of novelty perspective. I use to say that on Sundays my mood stands a trial.

This one was slightly different, determining me to give some general and also practical tips:

Start by doing useful things, something you hardly get to do during the week. Under no circumstances wash windows or do similar activities. You are easily getting distracted and you can hurt yourself.

Walk! If possible mingle into unknown crowd. There is a bigger chance that you will see nice dressed and relaxed people on Sundays.

Go out to eat. You will probably meet new people. The familiar working class is too tired to wake up after an exhausting weekend.

Avoid arguments. I doubt that you can count on the usual energy.

For me it was the following:

I started my day with a book and a lovely cup of tee. Work-out was also on the list. Laughed a lot with my friends at the gym. The weather was good and I took a walk on Calea Victoriei with my friend, window-shopped by night especially at the wines` shop near the Atheneum, mingled with the interesting crowd gathered for a violin concert in front of the building. For dinner, the welcoming and familiar French Bakery restaurant was an excelent choice.


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