Stunning Bregenz Opera


A little bit about the open air opera building in Bregenz, Austria, where the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace scene took place. At that time, Puccini’s Tosca was put on stage. As far as I’m concerned, my classical music culture embraces Puccini and then suddenly stops. 

Since I have the unexplained attraction for deserted places like: abandoned mines and churches, desert roads and buildings under constructions; the opera stage took me by surprise. It is opened to the public. Anybody can spend some time on the audiences` seats; watch the scene on the lake they are preparing for the Aida play next year. The yellow cranes used for the seating were abandoned at that time. 

I checked and there are available tickets for Aida. Surprisingly, I catch feelings for this place as I write. After I chill with that feeling I`ll look if it’s still there and might go to see Aida on the lake in Bregenz.


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